What to wear to a Beach Wedding?

A surreal ambiance, scenic beach elements, soft sand, and cold breeze! Your notion of a beach wedding and you are already chilling in your beachwear sipping a martini. Hold your imagination there because it's still a wedding, not a vacation. A beach wedding may sound like a picnic where you reach in flip-flops and beach shorts. It is a formal event until not mentioned so, and you need to dress appropriately. There is a stark difference in attires from a chapel wedding. You have to dress comfortably and go with the beach vibe.

Here is a quick guide to choosing a suitable ensemble for the beach wedding.

Prints, Patterns & Colors

Beach is all about shedding your solids and giving the prints a chance. Vibrant colors with floral and leafy prints and patterns in the lightweight, comfy fabric. Flowers, leaves, fruits, stripes, blocks, etc., are ideal prints for a tropical ceremony. Opt for shades from the blue, tan, or cream family, like aquamarine, tangerine, sand, turquoise, terracotta, Fuschia, sunflower, lime green, etc., that are ideal tones for a beach wedding. Avoid darker hues like black, royal purple, deep blue, ruby red, or metallic shades like gold and silver.


Beaches are hot and humid, with sand beneath your foot. Wear loose fabrics that have moisture management, are breathable, and don't let the sand settle on them. Along with comfort, make sure your clothes reflect the occasion, so choose the right blend of style and comfort. Go for luxurious lightweight fabrics like linen, chiffon, cotton-polyester blend, organza, lace work, etc. Avoid materials like silk, denim, velvet, or fabrics that cling to the body, cause chaffing and leave sweat marks.

Choose the right outfit!

Clasp the sounds and sceneries of the surf and turf close to you, feeling the sand beneath. However mesmerizing this may sound, dressing up for a beach wedding is no cup of tea. You fit the wedding dress code, be comfortable on the sand, and hit the beachy vibe. Be dressier than standard but not like you are about to step on the red carpet. You may feel like putting on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, but that is not what your host expects. What to wear depends on the nature of the wedding mentioned on the invite.

Let us sort clothing options under the following categories.


If it is mentioned on the invite that it is a formal gathering, please stick to dressing formally. The ladies can opt for full-length maxi dresses in A-line silhouette with spaghetti straps and a square or v-neckline. These dresses are perfect for a formal wedding and are comfortable for the weather. 

To make it sassier, go for plunging necklines, knotted strap dress, a criss-cross pattern dress, or an off-shoulder dress. Jumpsuits can be a fabulous choice as they are a comfy and trendy option. Make sure they have flared hem and are embellished to suit the occasion. Do carry a shawl or shrug, as it might get colder in the evening. 

Accessorize it, Ladies!

Absolutely a no miss is a lot of sunscreen and a chic pair of sunglasses. You can wear hats but take them down during the procession. Style your hair in fishtail braids, pleated pony, or loose buns, and wear light makeup. Hair accessories like pearl or knotted hair bands, barrettes, scrunchies, or ribbons can fire up your attire. Carry an exquisite macrame or jute clutch and wear chunky or fashionable heels.

Guys can go for formal suits or tuxedos but avoid black, blue, and greys, go for vibrant colors like mustard, tan, or cerulean blue and layer them with printed shirts. Other great options are jackets, slacks, linen khakis, shirts, and trousers. Complete the look with a shade, a belt, and a pair of comfortable loafers.


There is not much difference from formal dressing, although there is some liberty of dressing. The beautiful ladies can dress in rompers, jumpsuits, or tea-length dresses in sober prints. Accessorize with belts, shrugs, hats, shell jewelry, and a trendy sling. You can wear wedges or platform heels.

To the gentleman out there, explore a larger rainbow bandwidth, and don't shy from trying prints and patterns. Pick semi-formal suits, jackets, and slacks in lively shades and layer them with beach-inspired shirts. Wear loafers or shoes, but sandals, flip-flops, or crocs are still a big NO!


There is a little scope of liberty here! Girls, you can stylize in a chic sundress, opt for a floral print breezy maxi or pick a peppy romper. Accessories can be pretty much the same as the ones mentioned above. You can ditch the heels and go for platform sandals or fashionable slippers.

Guys can put on half-pants belted with tucked-in shirts and accessorize it with loafers, deck shoes, a hat, and tinted Ray bans.

Dressing up the right way can be a task, but what matters, in the end, is you are comfortable, confident, and having fun. So go out there and have a great time, take great pictures, and make memories.

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