What to wear for Yoga?

Yoga is a form of elementary meditation and espousal of explicit bodily postures to ignite the relaxation of the mind and muscles. It is a spiritual and aesthetic discipline that requires stretching and losing your body frame. To perform Yoga effectively and without any hindrance, it is salient to adorn the right ilk of ensemble or attire. .

We have handpicked some particulars to keep in mind while choosing the perfect Yoga habiliment.

Upper (Top)

Avoid wearing loose or oversized tops as they will add resistance to your poses or may fall back on your face while performing Asanas like Grivasana, Sirasana, or Uttasana. Wearing a fitted top will keep you covered and save the embarrassment of wardrobe malfunction while performing these Asanas. While choosing the rightly fitted top, make sure it's not too tight and does not constrain your flexibility. The fabric should be soft, breathable, and can absorb moisture. 

Avoid materials that make you sweat more and chafe your armpits. To avoid the hassle of wearing a bra and for added support, go for tops with a built-in sports bra. Tank tops paired with a sports bra are an excellent choice for a Yoga upper.


Sports Bra

A sports bra is nothing like the usual bra you wear. It is crucial to adopt one while doing any exercise for enhanced performance. A sports bra provides comfort and helps keep your breast stay put. A low to medium impact bra reduces the bounce and provides added support while exercising. Choose a sports bra with good moisture management and abrasion resistance to avoid nasty chafing.  


Yoga Pants

Yoga pants should fit your body perfectly like skin for maximum movement and stretch during Asana. A loose harem pant, jogger, or cargo pants can create hindrance and reduce flexibility. You can opt for skin-fitted yoga pants or sports shorts that allow free body movement. Make sure you pick a pant that cuts right above the angle and is not too long to avoid tripping or falling. Make sure you choose high-waisted pants or shorts as they are less likely to slip. 


There is always a mist around the thought of layering up or not for Yoga or any other exercise. It may cross our mind that one should wear minimum clothing while exercising for resistance-free movement. Layering up has its own advantage it keeps your body protected from sudden changes in temperature. 

During exercising body raises its temperature to loosen muscles. When you stop, there is immediate exposure to the outside temperature. When you layer up or wear an extra piece of cloth, it prevents chills during the final relaxation phase. Go for thin layers that help manage the temperature and do not act as obstruction while doing the Asanas. 


Most of us miss this crucial accessory while exercising. Yoga socks are nothing like your usual pair of socks. They are anti-slip with plastic treads or silicon dots to provide grip and control moisture and dirt more effectively. Go for a nice pair of anti-skid socks designed specifically for yoga which even has a toeless version.


Avoid cotton as it holds moisture, makes you all smelly, and leaves sweat marks. Go for a blend of spandex, nylon, or polyester that is abrasion-resistant, moisture-absorbent, breathable, and stretchable, providing comfort and enhanced flexibility.

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