Epicene Wardrobe for Couples-Unisex Clothing

Epicene wardrobe has been in trend since 2000BC in ancient Egypt and Greece. High heels were originally adorned by men while makeup was worn by both men and women. Gender fluid or unisex clothing is now making its mark in the fashion industry not as an outfit but as an expression of style and ease. It's an article of clothing that express an individual's sense of vogue and is independent of the gender bias in society. So, let's peep into this fashion world that swings both ways.

Tracking the comfort with a Tracksuit

Tracksuits are one of the comfy clothes that are a must-have for a unisexual wardrobe. Oversized logo tees paired with eye-catching printed or striped overalls make you feel comfortable and have an effortless style. Pick overalls with a UNITEFIT- an all-gender fit system created with a spectrum of sizes and forms. Adjustable suspenders and button waist closure adds to the solace in the attire.

Style up with Hoodie

Wrap yourself in an ultrasoft cotton hoodie and complement the look with neutral-shade pants. For valentine's day, go for a pink color hoodie embossed with tiny red hearts that make you fall in love not only with yourself but also with your hubby. Accentuate the look with creme color pants. Kangaroo pockets, ribbed cuffs, and hem, the drawcord-adjustable hood makes you feel like a teenager in love all over again. For any other day, a color hoodie paired with an identical shade of loose pants gives a snug feel. 

Fit into Jogger pants

A healthy body has a healthy mind that accentuates the idea of epicene jogger pants. Wearing loose-fit jogger pants weaved in cotton threads is an ideal wear for Skateboarding. Full zip side pockets come in handy when you switch from adventure mode to shopping mode. Pair up with your partner in black or navy blue jogger pants to enjoy its durable relaxed fit.

Jazz in a T-shirt

Research and technology have made the fashion industry stay in line with being environmentally friendly. Adding to the weave an eco-friendly thread in botanically dyed T-shirts gives comfort beyond imagination anytime, anywhere. Pick a ribbed crewneck loose-fit T-shirt and a complimenting botanically-dyed short for casual wear. Jazz the look with a floral print T-shirt and team with dark-colored shorts for an ideal beach walk. Choose from shades of pink, green, and white to mingle for daily comfort and style.

Snuggle into Coats and Blazers

Business suits and blazers are basic attires for office wear to have a professional look. A Black or Navy blue suit blazer made of 100% Italian wool and lined with a playful print is a must-try outfit. The blazers can be worn independently to give a less formal look when teamed up with a black vest and pants. Crop jackets in neutral colors can also be paired with relaxed trousers.

 Long journey coats made from organic cotton and recycled polyester fabric snuggle the body in its comfort and drives you to be eco-friendly. Zipper and hooded jackets in premium quality fabric teamed with a classic tee and denim, define your overall look.

Accessorize your vogue

  • Accessorising is an essential part of dressing up with new-age mindful designer pieces like chains, bracelets, rings, etc., blending masculine and feminine fashion. 
  • Sophisticated casual jewelry offers handmade necklaces in beads, pearls, shells, and hand-embroidered earrings and rings. 
  • Pieces in a bejeweled diamond brooch or lapel pin in the shape of a dragonfly are suited for denim, jackets, coats, and saris.
  • Gender-fluid large tote bags in vibrant colors with utility pockets make an excellent choice for a beach bag. 
  • A metallic clutch complemented with a textured shawl and reflective sunglasses is all-day wear. 
  • Showing the colors at home in comfy flip-flops with Y-shaped rubber straps makes your day. 
  • Classic baseball caps with adjustable straps add vogue to your personality. 
  • A wide-brimmed straw hat elevates an outfit effectively. 
  • Adorn the face with square-shaped sunglasses to protect the eyes from the sun.

Ambisexual clothing thus reflects a mindset rather than a specific fad in color and texture. It expresses fluidity in a fashion that is not inherently masculine or feminine. Let's flow in the ambiance of ambisexual threads to realize ourselves more as human beings rather than mere gender.

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